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How long is the running of the bulls of Pamplona, Spain?

The Running of the Bulls, or the encierro in Spanish, is a world-famous event that takes place every year during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. The event involves a group of bulls chasing a group of runners through the streets of Pamplona. In this blog post, we will explore the route of the bull run, its key features, and turns.

Route of the Bull Run

The bull run route starts at the corral, or bull pen, located in the Santo Domingo area of Pamplona. The bulls are released from the corral at 8 am and run through a barricaded path that leads to the bullring in the city center.

The route is approximately 875 meters, or just over half a mile, long and takes about 2-3 minutes for the bulls to complete. The runners, who are not allowed to touch the bulls or obstruct their path, run alongside the bulls in an attempt to prove their bravery and skill.

Key Features and Turns Along the Route

The bull run route has several key features and turns that have become famous over the years. These include:

  1. Santo Domingo: This is the starting point of the bull run, and it is where the bulls are released from the corral.

  2. Plaza de Toros: This is the bullring, where the bulls are eventually corralled after completing the run. It is also the finish line of the bull run.

Duration of the Bull Run

The bull run usually lasts between 2-3 minutes, although it can vary depending on the speed of the bulls and any incidents that may occur during the run. The entire event, from the release of the bulls to their corraling in the bullring, usually takes between 2-3 minutes.


The bull run route in Pamplona is a challenging and dangerous path that attracts thousands of runners and spectators every year. The key features and turns along the route, including Santo Domingo, Calle de la Estafeta, La Curva, Mercaderes, and the Plaza de Toros, have become famous landmarks that are closely associated with the event. Despite its dangers, the bull run remains one of the most iconic and thrilling events in the world.

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